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Pool Table Installers Needed

Thanks for checking our informational page for new pool table installers in Portland.  We are offering someone an awesome opportunity to have their own business for almost no cost upfront.  If you are eager to have a successful business where you can make your own schedule, manage your own customers and don’t have a lot of money to invest in a new venture, you should continue reading.

We are the Portland pool table service and are backed by the American Billiard Installers Association.

The mission of the ABIA is to provide excellent service and professional experience for our customers who need to move and service their pool tables in the Portland Market.

Our History

We have over 40 years of experience working with pool tables and 15 years of experience online, we are a family-owned business that is dedicated to the billiard service industry.  We service over 300 cities in North America.

Benefits of having your own pool table business.

We know the local market. We generally work with installers that we have long relationships with but our exposure has outgrown our manpower and we are searching for someone who has a professional attitude, their own tools and experience working with them and a large vehicle to start their own business and represent our brand in the local Portland market.

What is included?

Free Training 

We pay all expenses and training for you to come to our training facility and learn all of the aspects that you will need to get you started with your own business.  All Expenses include airfare and lodging.  You will train for a determined period of time with our pool tables and material every day before returning to get your own business going.

Guaranteed income to start

This year our installers have earned $28,000.00 from our clients.  This is the income generated from our clients only and does not include their own clients.  We have already established plenty of leads and work for you out of the gate!  If you can manage a good business, do a little marketing on your own (We’ll show you how) and want to have a good business, this is a no-risk opportunity with almost no investment on your part.


Since we have decades of experience in the industry, we will supply all of the materials you need to do the job.  We offer fast delivery times, ship direct to your client and we know exactly what you will need.

What you need

  • Basic tools and knowledge of how to use them, we will advise you upon your return to Portland after training the few items that you need to acquire that are specialty tools to the job.
  • Vehicle.  Moving pool tables requires a large vehicle or trailer to safely transport the pool tables.  Most of what we do is moving pool tables for customers from house to house.
  • Desire to have your own business.  We want people who are energetic and professional, we are a professional company and we need people who have the same interests in mind.  Customer-oriented individuals will only be considered for this opportunity.
  • Background, we will require driving history, criminal arrest declaration, and history.

Contact us here for more information or complete the form below.  Make your email heading New Pool Table Installers Portland.

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