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Pool table room sizes guide to help you choose the right pool table

Pool table dimensions are very important when deciding which billiard table to choose from the many pool table sizes. Please consider the dimensions of the room where you want it installed. There are three common pool table sizes that should be taken into consideration before buying your pool table or selecting the room that it will be installed in. Many people don’t consider this very important question when purchasing a billiard table for their home, will it fit in the room? You may get a great pool table service on your table, but if the room size is not appropriate your game will suffer.

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In this segment, we have listed the approximate pool table room sizes to help you out when buying a table or deciding which room to have it installed considering you use a standard 58” cue stick.

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Our team of billiard table installers also advise that you take into account the existing furniture in the room or furniture you plan to purchase in the near future since this will definitely affect the gameplay and your playing experience of course.

If you decide to remodel your game room or the flooring where the pool table sits needs to be replaced. Your table has to be moved even if it is just a few inches. It is still necessary to completely disassemble it in order to move it.

This type of service is what we call a move in two appointments. For the first appointment, we will properly break down the table and move it to on-site storage. For your second appointment, we will relocate the pool table back to its original location and build your table piece by piece from the ground up to complete your pool table setup and level.

It is greatly advised that you know your pool table room size when figuring out which table to buy

Our professional pool table installers strongly recommend that you get the playing surface dimensions of the pool table. Pool table size is important for a successful job and it’s super handy to know when checking the pool table room size in your home.

This plus the furniture that you already have in the room or that you plan on adding to the room is of extreme importance since it affects the size of the pool table you can get so that you enjoy a good playing experience. Our experienced technicians have been servicing pool tables for a long time.

This is to say that we can definitely help you verify if the pool table you’re interested in fits in the room. Make sure that you measure the room dimensions and consider the furniture that you have in it or that you plan on buying. The dimensions of your game room will determine the size of the pool table you can purchase so that you can enjoy a comfortable playing experience.

If you’re interested in a used pool table be sure to ask the seller for the pool table dimensions, specifically the playing surface area since this is the true size of the pool table and it helps to figure out the proper pool table room size and the right cut of pool table cloth in case we need to do your pool table refelting during assembly.

You have to know the correct pool table sizes before refelting your table

Pool table sizes guide by Portland Pool Table Movers SOLO®

The industry norm is supplied, pre-cut pool table felt for the refelting service. If an 8-foot table is expected to be serviced and we encounter a 9-foot table then we may not even have the correct cloth size to finish your job which could also incur additional trip charges.

If the pool table turns out to be a different size this could really complicate the job for the pool table installers because the table may not fit in the room and also the cut of felt may not cover the entire table.

In most cases, this will change the price of the service, whether it is a pool table setup, installation or a complete move. Sometimes there could be a repair that may have gone unnoticed at the time of the purchase and you find out about it once the pool table is in pieces.

If said repair is minor we may be able to fix it right at the time of installation, however, if the issue requires additional materials that we were not aware of we will have to come back for a second appointment to properly handle your pool table repair. Pool table room sizes are important for a successful job and it’s super handy to know when checking the pool table size you can get.

Pool table sizes and pool table room sizes guide

Please take into consideration that this is assuming you use a standard 58” cue stick.

7′ x 3 ½’ – 7-foot pool table needs roughly 17′ x 13½’

8′ x 4′ – 8-foot pool table needs roughly 18′ x 14′

9′ x 4 ½’ – 9-foot pool table needs roughly 19′ X 14½’

Determining pool table room sizes, Portland Pool Table Movers

Measure from tip of bumper to tip of bumper across the width of your pool table to find your table size. You can find the pool table room sizes required by determining what size your pool table is.

This is especially important when calling for pricing, refelting or moving because this will change the pricing on both services.

Pricing is very important and should be considered thoroughly. For this reason, you should check out the cost to move a billiard table information we put together for your benefit. This information will help you make an informed decision.

Also, if you’re still looking to buy your pool table, feel free to check out our pool tables for sale classifieds section, which are ads posted by local customers. When you find your pool table or if you already have one, call our professionals to move and install your pool table.

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